Why are core personal values important?

Values are guiding principles that dictate our behavior and action & let us know what is right from wrong. They influence the choices we make, the road we take and how our future is forged.

I have taken the opportunity to reflect what core values I admire and interestingly, the letters that make up the word GRIT and the word itself, is what I aspire to in my life.

GRIT – a person with Courage, Strength of Character, Passion, Perseverance & Works Hard to deliver on Commitments.

Growth Mindset – a belief that one is in control of our own ability & that we spend time to develop new skills, embrace changes & though there will be challenges, the learning process will help us grow new insights & be better positioned in this dynamic world.

Respect for Others – This is key to building trust and working well with others. It is one of the hardest value to live by as there will be many who have different belief systems but is extremely important to develop as diversity is a norm that must not be pushed away but to accommodate.

Integrity – This is the ability to do the right things even when no one is looking & not do anything that would demean or dishonor oneself.

Thoroughness in Execution – To deliver great care and effort in all endeavors thereby gaining a reputation for high quality and completeness.

Why Blog & Why only Now?

Singapore is rapidly aging and come 2030, more than 40% will be above 50 years old. The Median Age has risen from 35 years in 2000 to 40 years in 2019.

This website is primarily for the above 50s (younger ones welcome too!) & I hope to journalize my personal journey as I transition from an Active Senior to the next stage of being Less Active as health issues surface and then to the Final Stage of requiring Active Support from Care Givers.

I hope to collaborate with others undergoing the same journey and also get experts to provide inputs to help better prepare us through the different phases.


Life is dynamic, multi-dimensional & living a well-balanced life requires significant effort. This section focuses on the 6 aspects of living, ie Physical – our body, Mental – our mind, Emotional – our attitude, Social – our relationships, Work/Financial – our lifestyle & Spiritual/Meaning – our purpose.


Learning is the key enabler to making our World a Better Place. It prepares us for the unexpected, be more accepting to new ideas, makes us confident as we become more competent, and helps us adjust better and relevant to the ever changing landscape.


We may have stopped growing physically when we become adults but as we age, it becomes essential for us to have a Growth Mindset. This will help us to be more curious to want to learn more, more accepting of failure as it is a part of the improvement process, and knowing how to find the right supportive environment that will make the journey fun and rewarding.

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