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He loves to charek Makan, enjoys the Outdoors, a Keen Learner and & Blogs regularly...

“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.”

 … Anthony Bourdain.


Recent Travels

I am so glad to have the opportunity to travel and even better, to do it with my loved ones, closest friends & relatives.


Lake Taupo - Aug 2019

Huka Falls (NZ) - Aug 2019

Water so pristine, Air so fresh & an Adventure awaits to be discovered.

Bakun Dam - Aug 2018

Bakun Dam (MY) - Aug 2018

The Dam is bigger than Singapore & provides everything for their inhabitants.

Brighton - July 2018

Brighton (AU) - July 2018

The Clan all made time to visit Joel and help him adjust to his home away from home.

Aomori - Apr 2018

Aomori (JP) - April 2018

If you have only 1 choice, go visit Japan in Sakura season.

Bario - Nov 2017

Bario (MY) - Nov 2017

Nestled in the Kelabit Highlands lies a small town which is home for many highly gifted Malaysians.

Yarra Valley - July 2017

Yarra Valley (AU) - July 2017

So glad to have the family together to be with Joel as he adjusts to the new environment.

Wilderswil - Oct 2016

Wilderswil (CH) - Oct 2016

The Swiss Alps is jaw dropping beautiful & the Swiss are truly commendable to ensuring the enviroment stays that way.

Hokkaido Winter Dec 2015

Sapporo (JP) - Dec 2015

Hokkaido is magical and even more so when there in Winter and with the family.


Shangrila (CN) - Sep 2015

Shangrila! The flags above the homes says much about the occupants too.

Bandung with College Mates Aug-2015

Bandung (ID) - Aug 2015

We may have left College more than 35 years ago but still make time to stay in touch.

Mt Asahidake - Sep 2014

Mt Asahidake (JP) - Sep 2014

Nothing like visiting a live erupting volcano.

Mt Rinjani - June 2014

Mt Rinjani (ID) - June 2014

Lombok is the twin island to Bali and therein lies Mt Rinjani.

Krakatoa - Nov 2013

Krakatoa (ID) - Nov 2013

The Children all came with their Parents to understand what makes Travelling together so special.

Mt Kinabalu - May 2013

Mt Kinabalu (MY) - May 2013

This was the most memorable climb for all & likely a tale most will tell their grandchildren too.

Penang - July 2012

Balik Pulau (MY) - July 2012

Durians are truly the King of Fruits & maketh strongest bonds when eaten togeher.

My Upcoming Trips


La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona/Girona - 21st to 24th Sep

Pont d'Avignon

Avignon/Provence - 25th to 28th Sep

Staubbach Falls

Lausanne/Interlaken - 29th Sep to 5th Oct

An overview of the Trip to Europe this Fall 2022

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Bakun Sunset
Sorrento Sunset
Wellington Sunrise