Friday 20th November 2020

I am an early morning riser & I like to begin my day with a brisk walk and where possible, to a new place.

This morning, I was at the Lower Seletar Reservoir as it is the only reservoir in Central Singapore which leads to the sea heading East, which thereby indicates it will possibly show best the Sunrise.

I was not disappointed as the lighting was mesmerising and the air clear as there was a mild shower earlier in the night.


Monday 2nd Nov 2020

Insights & Learning:

With advances in medical care and lower birth rates, many of us will live longer and also need to work longer. Can we afford to live only on our savings, disengage from participating in the global economy & yet have a fulfilling life after our 50s?

I hope to re-engage in meaningful activities which can help fund the lifestyle and medical care that would be required as our body ages.

Having a learning and positive mindset is key in making the journey smoother.

Key Global & Local News:

1- France & Germany announce new restrictions as COVID Cases surge across Europe.

2- As at Tue 27-Oct, early voting hits 50% of total US ballots cast in 2016.

3- Based on advance estimates for the third quarter of 2020, the Singapore economy expanded by 7.9 per cent on a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted basis, rebounding from the 13.2 per cent contraction in the 2 precedingquarter. On a year-on-year basis, the economy contracted by 7.0 percent, an improvement from the 13.3 per cent contraction in the second quarter.